For many people, turning off the lights and trying to get a good night's rest is anything but restful. About 100 million Americans of all ages have some kind of sleep problem and regularly fail to get a good night's sleep; yet, sleep is essential for physical and mental restoration.

There are many types of sleeping disorders, and they manifest themselves in various ways. Some disorders may prevent sufferers from falling or from staying asleep. Some may make it very hard to stay awake at the job. Others may cause nightmares, bedwetting, sleepwalking and other problems that interfere with sleep. Furthermore, some disorders may cause morning headaches, high blood pressure, memory loss and even depression.

Some sleep disorders are potentially fatal; they may result in — or be the result of — a serious medical condition. While most sleep problems are not life-threatening, the diagnosis and successful treatment of a sleep disorder can improve health and well-being.

The Sleep Center at Cookeville Regional can help people afflicted by sleep disorders get a good night's sleep again. Our Sleep Center uses technology to provide diagnosis and treatment of sleep problems, and our trained professionals are dedicated to determining the causes and treatments of specific problems.

Sleep Center Benefits:

  • Offers pediatric sleep studies
  • Largest sleep center between Nashville and Knoxville, staffed with 11 registered polysomnography technicians
  • Board-certified medical director - David Henson, M.D., board certified in sleep medicine, pulmonary and critical care medicine
  • On-site specialist in sleep disorders – James Davis, M.D., board certified in sleep medicine, pulmonary medicine and internal medicine and Steven Silas, M.D. board certified in sleep medicine, pulmonary medicine, critcal care and internal medicine. 
  • Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)

Located at 100 W 4th St Suite 350, Cookeville, TN 38501

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