Allen Smith
Allen Smith's Doctor

New implant Ensures More Resistance to Wear

Allen Smith suffered with hip arthritis pain for years, trying physical therapy, injections and several other approaches in hopes of correcting the problem. But when the pain became so bad that it kept him up at night and started interfering with his work, he finally decided to get help.

A resident of Albany, Kentucky, Smith chose Cookeville Regional because of the success stories he had heard from friends and acquaintances. Just a week after X-rays revealed that Smith had no cartilage left between his hip sockets and thigh bones, Dr. Gregory Roberts replaced his left hip, then replaced his right hip six weeks later, using the Smith & Nephew Verilast™ joint, which has been shown to last around 30 years.

“If you’re 50 years of age and have a hip replacement, you want something that’s hopefully going to last you the rest of your life so you don’t have to come back in and go through all of this again in 15 years,” said Dr. Roberts.

Shortly after his surgeries, Smith has been free of pain and is once again enjoying the activities he’d been missing for so long, including farming, riding his tractor, side-by-side UTVs and his Harley-Davidson; plus walking, hiking and more.

“Now I can do just about anything I feel like,” said Smith. “I tell people every day I’m brand new.”