Cookeville Regional Medical Center now has a new unit designed to serve patients as they are being discharged from the hospital following an inpatient stay.  The Discharge Center caters to patients who are awaiting discharge due to transportation or other final discharge arrangements. 

Once a family member or friend arrives to pick up a patient from the Discharge Center, they will simply pull up to the hospital's East Entrance (right next to the Emergency Room entrance) and press a button to notify the Discharge Center staff.  The staff will then arrange to take the patient to the covered entrance for final discharge.  With this process in place, the person picking up the patient will not have to enter the building but may wait there for the patient to be brought out to the car.

Not all patients will go to the Discharge Center.  If the patient has immediate transportation and no other pending discharge issues, he or she will be discharged directly from their patient room and will not go to the Discharge Center.