Type: PRN
Education: High School Diploma or equivalent.
Experience: Minimum of one (1) year previous hospital experiences or related health care experience preferred. Basic computer skills and computer data entry skills.
Skills: Ability to read and write English with excellent written and verbal communication skills. Must be knowledgeable regarding basic medical terminology, familiar with hospital environment and be able to identify the many pieces of equipment used in the PACU. Detail oriented and able to work independently and take direction. BLS annually.

The competent PACU Tech/Unit Secretary is responsible for performing basic and advanced Nursing Assistant skills, Transporter/Orderly duties, and additional Unit Secretary duties.  This position is under the direct supervision of the PACU Clinical Coordinator  and/or charge nurse.  This position requires utilization of computer, verbal and written skills.  Demonstrates a knowledge of the psychosocial needs of all ages of patients. This position is responsible for PAR inventory levels and ordering of general supplies including the checking of expiration dates.  This position checks/maintains respiratory supply cart; the cleaning and storing of equipment for PACU; and maintains blanket warmer stock   This person works closely with the Perioperative orderly and house-keeper.  Assists with the preparation and setup of the unit and many aspects of basic patient care.  Patient care duties are including but not limited to, patient care assistance appropriate to age of the patient and the safe transportation of the patients to and from the department. Helps with patient turnover by assisting with patient positioning, cleaning, and linen changes; placement and removal of monitoring equipment, e.g. ECG electrodes, SaO2 probe, etc; and by contacting ancillary dept. as needed for patient tests and/or room assignments. Assists PACU staff members in the preparation and set-up of their areas.  Performs housekeeping duties as assigned.  Maintains the records/charges for supplies in PACU.  Additional unit duties assumes responsibilities for all secretarial and receptionist duties; and coordination of related activities of the nursing station, including coordination of critical communication between physicians, nursing, patients, families, and other health team members.  This person does computer order entries; coordinates lab, Xray, tests ordered; faxes all orders to pharmacy and case management; ensures daily log book entries; orders office supplies and all doctors forms; coordinates patient room placement with Nursing Supervisor/Floors; and other duties as directed.