Cancer Center

Social Worker

Type: PRN
Education: The position requires a minimum of bachelor’s degree in social work or an equivalent degree. Knowledge of crisis intervention, grief and bereavement. .
Hours: Varied
Experience: The position should have at least one year’s social work experience, preferably in health care. Oncology experience preferred. Health system navigation experience preferred
Skills: Must be able to deal with multiple tasks and with a variety of people, including department staff, patients, families, community resources, other hospital staff and physicians. Must be able to work effectively with patients and families of all ages. Must be able to handle multiple deadlines in a busy environment. Must have the ability to learn complicated regulations and be able to access resources. Must be able to write legibly and communicate effectively and be able to perform certain computer functions. Must be able to use deductive thinking and be able to use established counseling skills. Knowledgeable of oncology treatment and psychosocial implications


This position is responsible for providing individualized assistance to cancer patients/families/caregivers to help overcome healthcare system barriers and facilitate timely access to quality health and psychosocial care from pre-diagnosis through all phases of the cancer experience.    Services provided by Social Service include assisting patients and their families in navigating patients through the oncology treatment process by serving as facilitator between patient and providers to address social, emotional, and economic issues associated with illness or injury.  Crisis intervention, , continuity of care, financial assistance and referrals to community resources, while interacting with interdisciplinary team.  . to plan, implement and evaluate appropriate education and care and works to resolve cancer health disparities and provide indivualized assistance to the patient.