Medical Transcription

Medical Transcriptionist/Editor

Type: FT
Education: High school diploma
Hours: TBD
Experience: At least six months experience as a transcriptionist/editor in acute care setting is preferred.
Skills: Must possess knowledge of medical terminology, proficient typing and editing skills, basic knowledge of computer software including word processing; internet, phone, and e-mail skills. Must possess ability to work well under pressure to function independently and to be flexible in applying knowledge to a variety of situations. Cooperative, congenial, and positive behavior exhibited. Behavior and personal appearance reflecting a good image of Cookeville Regional Medical Center. Must maintain minimum productivity standards as they are established.


This position is responsible for :

A. Transcribing and/or editing dictation regarding patients and departmental affairs from the dictation system.

B. Providing legible, timely information dictated by physicians for attachment to the patient's record, thereby enabling better patient care and for many other uses.