Crossville Senior Coye Loveday Survives COVID-19

Coye Loveday, age 78, of Crossville, was faced with COVID-19 and is thankful to have come out on the other side of it.


In early April, the first symptom he noticed was a loss of taste and smell. Then he started running a fever, which he says he almost never does, so he got tested. The results showed he had COVID-19. His doctor placed him on some prescription medication, and he soon also needed oxygen.


“I was getting weaker and weaker and didn't want anything to eat,” said Loveday. “Then, my oxygen level got to the point where my doctor told me I needed to go to Cookeville Regional.”


Loveday was in a regular hospital room for two days, but his oxygen level kept dropping to the point that he was sent to the ICU.


“I really didn’t feel that sick,” said Loveday. “I didn’t have a cough. I didn’t have shortness of breath. And, at that point, I didn’t have a temperature, but I had no energy and wanted nothing to eat. I just laid there on my back 24/7.”


One of the few things Loveday could manage to eat was strawberries, so his dietitian at CRMC made sure he got some with every meal. In spite of that, Loveday lost 23 pounds, and he was not doing well with his breathing treatments. Finally, his doctor and a close friend had a serious talk with him about his prospects if he did not improve.


“It got my attention, and I started forcing myself to eat and to get up and do the breathing exercises better, and things started improving after that,” said Loveday.


He was released from Cookeville Regional eight days later, but he had lingering pneumonia that was finally healed in September after several courses of antibiotics.


While Loveday’s appetite returned early in his recovery, he’s still trying to get his energy back. Normally very active, this hiker, golfer, hunter, gardener, fisherman and part-time delivery driver for the local GM dealership is hoping he’ll be back near 100% soon.


“We went on a two-and-a-half-mile walk a couple of weeks back, and I had to stop and rest two or three times,” said Loveday. “Stuff I do, I have to stop and rest, and after I stop to rest for a while, I feel pretty good.”


He says he didn’t realize the seriousness of the disease while he had it, but now he feels very fortunate to have survived it.


“My son dropped me off at the hospital, and now, I realize he didn’t know if he would see me again,” said Loveday. “I’m blessed.”


In addition to the prayers and support he received from friends and family, he credits his recovery to the excellent care he got at CRMC.


“I don’t care anything about going to the hospital again,” said Loveday, “but if I go, that would be where I go.”


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