Cookeville Regional wants our community to be healthy. Take part in quarterly health screenings offered at affordable prices. CRMC's quarterly health fairs also feature dozens of health information booths, including many from Cookeville Regional.

These health fairs provide an opportunity for community members to participate in affordable health screenings to keep health and wellness top of mind throughout the year. Local business and industries may also take advantage of health fair events on-site at their facilities through The Workplace Wellness Department.

  • Blood pressure * free with any screening
  • Oxygen saturation * free with any screening
  • BMI assessment * free with any screening
  • Cholesterol and lipid profile $15
  • Vitamin D level $50
  • Prostate Specific Antigen $15
  • Complete blood count $10 (without differential)
  • Complete chemistry profile $15
  • Thyroid profile $40
  • Hemoglobin A1C $15
  • Blood type $15
  • Bone density $10
  • Free and total testostrone levels $45
  • Pulmonary function screening $20 (may not be at all events)
  • Low dose lung CT screening $99 (will be done at CRMC if criteria met; review criteria here)
  • B-12 level $25
  • Folic acid (Folate) $25
  • Stroke screening/carotid artery $45
  • Vascular screening to include
    • Carotid artery
    • Abdominal aortic
    • Peripheral vascular disease
    • Option to have individual tests per charge or package at a discounted rate

Fasting is recommended for 12 hours before either the complete chemistry profile or lipid profile is drawn. Blood is drawn only once even if you have all lab studies done.