Code Stroke Protocol Ensures Timely Help for Strokes

Every minute that passes once a stroke begins can cost the patient increasingly more brain function. That’s why Cookeville Regional has implemented Code Stroke, a program in which CRMC staff and EMS teams work together to ensure that stroke patients receive treatment as quickly as possible.

When a stroke is detected in the field by EMS, a Code Stroke is called, and CRMC’s Code Stroke team is activated to let the ER know they are receiving a stroke patient. The Code Stroke team at CRMC includes a neurologist, the stroke coordinator, emergency room, imaging, respiratory, pharmacy and laboratory staff.

The team is prepared when the patient arrives, and the patient is immediately taken to imaging to have a CT scan performed, bypassing the ER. If a stroke is detected, the patient will either be treated for the stroke, or in more serious cases, they will be transferred to a nearby comprehensive stroke center.