The Cancer Center at Cookeville Regional is a comprehensive program that offers a number of services for cancer patients under one roof, including radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Through the physicians’ affiliation with strong academic medical centers, we also offer clinical trials for patients. Supportive services include:

Patient and Family Services

Our oncology social worker helps patients and family members deal with the emotional and psychosocial aspects of their illness one-on-one, as well as financial assessment, transportation assistance, home health referrals and organization/facilitation of support groups.

Nutrition Services

Our registered dietitians have years of specialized oncology training and experience in helping cancer patients support the immune systems to counteract the effects of illness. They provide nutritional assessment, analysis, support and strategies to improve healing while lessening any ill effects.

Cancer Registry

We maintain a comprehensive database designed for the collection of information on the cancer patient, which provides them with lifetime follow-up.

Other Services:

  • Cancer conferences: Frequent multidisciplinary, hospital-wide conferences for the education of physicians regarding current oncology therapies and consultative services for patients
  • Cancer Committee: A group of individuals, physicians and professional support staff dedicated to providing leadership for the cancer program
  • Speech and physical therapy
  • Patient and family education and support
  • Spiritual support: Spiritual support is provided through our chaplains
  • A number of surgical specialists on staff when surgery is an option for treatment of cancer
  • The latest in diagnostic workup, such as PET-CT
  • The latest MRI technology, including breast MRI
  • Cancer prevention and screening programs
  • Rehabilitation program, including physical and speech therapy
  • Lymphedema specialists


One advanced treatment modality available at Cookeville Regional is Tomotherapy. This revolutionary treatment can sculpt small, powerful and precise beams of radiation to target more intricate areas. The TomoTherapy® Hi Art treatment system looks like a CT scanner because it contains the capabilities of a CT scanner. It allows the radiation treatment team to acquire three-dimensional images of each patient each time they are treated. With these images, the clinicians check the alignment of the targeted cancer site. This is compared to the original scan performed prior to the treatment planning process to ensure a more accurate treatment and allows for real time modifications to ensure the very best in radiation therapy.

da Vinci® Surgical System

For patients who need surgery, Cookeville Regional offers the da Vinci® Surgical System, a robot that allows surgeons to perform even the most complex and delicate procedures with precision through very small incisions, resulting in faster recovery time, less pain, less blood loss, less scarring, and often better clinical outcomes for patients. Since Cookeville Regional installed the $1.5-million da Vinci® Surgical System in 2007, patients and doctors alike have reaped the benefits.


Chemotherapy is prepared in the Cancer Center by dedicated, specially trained staff and an oncology pharmacist. We feature a brand new infusion center that was built with the patient in mind. Patients receive their treatments overlooking the Healing Garden, in a private suite or in the open area. Each comfortable treatment chair is equipped with a personal television so that patients can enjoy their own television choices while receiving treatment. We ensure our patients comfort by offering warm blankets, snacks, and lunches for patients receiving longer infusions. We are fortunate to employ a highly trained staff with special oncology certification who are trained to take care of the unique needs and treatments of oncology patients.