Early Detection of Breast Cancer Is Key – When Should I Have a Mammogram?

The American Cancer Society (ACS) advises women age 40 and older to have a mammogram every year.

Age 20-40
Clinical breast exam by a health professional every three years
Monthly breast self-exams
After Age 40
Mammogram and clinical breast exam by a health professional every year
Monthly breast self-exams

The earlier breast cancer is found, the more likely that treatment will work. The ACS advises that early detection of breast cancer could save thousands of lives each year. The goal is to find cancers before they begin to cause symptoms.

Whether you need information on how to schedule a mammogram, what to do if you find a suspicious lump, how to choose treatment options, where to find resources or assistance understanding the sometimes confusing terminology of breast health, we can help. Consider us if you:

  • Learn you have breast cancer
  • Have found a lump in your breast
  • Have an abnormal mammogram or biopsy
  • Have questions about breast cancer treatment
  • Have questions about breast cancer recovery
  • Want to learn breast self-examination
  • Want to know more about breast reconstruction
  • Would like lymphedema management
  • Would like support from the American Cancer Society
  • Would like to attend a cancer education program
  • Would like emotional or spiritual support during treatment or recovery
  • Would like to find a breast cancer support group
  • Need a patient advocate to help coordinate your care
  • Would like educational resources about cancer
  • Would like a risk assessment profile