Heart Services

Heart Services

In addition to open-heart surgery, The Heart & Vascular Center provides the full range of procedures, treatments and services necessary for the most successful care possible:

Cardiovascular Surgery:
For hearts that require extensive care, cardiovascular surgery or ‘open-heart’ surgery is available. Two complete open-heart surgery suites are fully equipped with the latest technology available.

Often referred to as ‘balloon surgery,’ angioplasty is an invasive method of widening blocked arteries. To open or unclog a narrowed coronary artery, a ‘balloon’- tipped catheter is inflated to increase the opening and improve blood flow. In some cases, a wire mesh stent is also used to reinforce the vessel.

Cardiac Catheterization:
One of many diagnostic studies available to The Heart Centers’ patients, cardiac catheterization allows your cardiologist to see how your arteries function. X-ray technology is utilized in this highly effective procedure.

Electrophysiology Studies for Heart Arrhythmias:
Cookeville Regional offers cardiac mapping, cardioversion, radio frequency catheter ablation, cryoablation, ICD implantation, pacemaker insertion, defibrillator theshold testing and transesophageal echocardiogram to treat heart arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation and other rhythm disturbances.

To examine its structures and functioning, an echocardiogram utilizes non-invasive ultrasound to create a picture of the heart.

Nuclear Cardiac Imaging:
Utilizing nuclear elements such as thalium and cardiolite, nuclear cardiac imaging provides detailed information on the functioning of the heart.

Stress Testing:
To determine the rate of beats and limits upon the heart, stress testing may be undertaken with either a treadmill or medication.

Pacemaker Implantation:
Used in certain heart conditions, a battery-operated electronic device is implanted beneath the skin to stimulate the heart to beat normally.

24-Hour Emergency Cardiac Services:
Cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, specially trained anesthesiologists, experts in perfusion (the delicate operation of the heart-lung machine), surgery assistants and other support staff are always on-call and work together as a highly skilled and committed team.

Expanded Cardiac Rehabilitation Facility:
Our cardiac rehab facility utilizes the most up-to-date equipment, methods and counsel. Often, a whole family is impacted, and we give them special attention as well.

Community Education Programs:
To help in the prevention and early detection of heart disease, The Heart Center distributes a tremendous amount of literature, conducts community seminars and maintains a strong presence at public events (health fairs, shows, etc.).

‘Mended Hearts’:
A nationally organized support group for patients and their families, Mended Hearts makes a highly valuable contribution in completing the recovery process and provides on-going support.