Heartsaver CPR / First Aid Training

Heartsaver CPR / First Aid Training

In the Heartsaver CPR/First Aid course you'll learn when CPR is needed, how to give CPR to an adult, child and infant, and how to use an AED.  CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It consists of pushing on the chest (compressions) and giving breaths. First Aid is the immediate care that you give someone with an illness or injury before someone with more advanced training arrives and takes over. First Aid may help someone recover more completely or more quickly and may mean the difference between life and death.


Contact Bethany Pack at 931-783-5885 or by email at blpack@crmchealth.org for information. 




Bethany Pack


$20.00 per person

A 2 year certification from the American Heart Association will be awarded for the course.

The Heartsaver CPR/First Aid course is designed for the Non-Healthcare provider. 

If you are a Healthcare provider -

please look at the dates under Basic Life Support CPR/ First Aid for Healthcare providers.